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We specialise in high quality custom made windows to meet the unique needs of yours. We offer a wide range of window options and our prices are actually affordable. The staff of ours is able to supply, deliver and install these windows in Melbourne to suit the budget of yours. No project too big or perhaps too small!
BIFOLD WINDOWS Melbourne Glazier’s bi fold windows are really great ways to enjoy both outdoor living and entertaining all kinds of guests. Even better is the point that the folding versions of these windows offer equally great ways to maximize your window space and never have to be concerned about compromising one bit of the style of yours. Bi-fold windows, as opposed to more traditional windows that tilt open or perhaps slide open halfway, allow you to open them to as far as they’ll go. At the same time, the window panes themselves fold to either the left or perhaps right so that they won’t intrude on the living space of yours. Overall, these windows are actually suited best for kitchens and any type of entertaining area since they allow you to get the most out of all of the outdoor areas of yours. Allow me to share several of the most important features of these windows.

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Streamlined Window Design

These windows enable you to allow just the appropriate level of air that is fresh into the house of yours. This may be done by independently opening up the lead panel from other folding panels.

Whenever you are prepared to close everything up, you are able to use a secure locking mechanism to make certain that things are attached and that the window cannot be opened from the outside.

Adhering to Strict Bushfire Safety Ratings Every Melbourne Glazier’s window meets or perhaps exceeds the BAL40 Bushfire rating. Which means that each product is actually tested to several of the most stringent and highest safety standards regarding bushfires throughout Australia.



A doublehung window has a moving sash and a fixed sash. It might also alternatively feature 2 moving sashes that slide open in opposite directions from one another, which allows you to both open and close the bottom and top panels of the window individually.

The window may be locked even in case it is open, which will really keep your home secure even in case you would like to allow air that is fresh to are available in from the outside at any time. These specific kinds of windows are best used in spaces that have to be well ventilated or perhaps where there might be a restriction of space that is open.

They’re also great for people who have homes with children that are little, as the choice to open only the top sash helps to protect against accidents involving kids attempting to climb out.

Below are great features of these kinds of windows.

Improved Ventilation
Adjustable top and bottom hung sashes allow for both improved ventilation and climate control.

Engineered Sash Balances
Along with this great feature, conveniently located screws allow for sash tensioners to be adjusted easily and quickly.

Maximum Weather Performance
This’s one thing that could be ensured because of full joint sealing. It helps to protect against rain, dust, and wind.

Safety and security We give you the choice of adding die cast zinc cam locks for extra added security.

Fly Security and Screen Fittings They’re put together in such a way that allows for the incredibly easy installation and/or removal of safety, security, and insect screens at any time you wish.

Durable Materials and Tough Components We use only the highest quality products, in addition to locks and other components which fit all of Australia’s strict safety standards. Overall, this means that each and every one of the products of ours will remain durable and strong for a lot of years to come, regardless of the problem of the weather.



When you’ve brand new sliding windows installed by the team at Melbourne Glazier, you’re guaranteeing that you are going to increase the overall value, comfort, and look of the home of yours as a result.

Sliding windows have a fixed glass panel, in addition to one or even more moving panels of glass. To open and / or close the window, the moving glass panel must be slid horizontally either left or perhaps right. These kinds of windows are actually known to work particularly well in areas of homes that do not contain a good deal of space.

These include kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms. These windows are also in very popular just due to how easily functional it’s. It is also popular due to its general design and also the fact that you can find no panes of glass that interfere on either your outdoor or indoor living area every time they are open.

Here are a few useful facts about them and why a lot of folks like them very much:

They are not only functional but incredibly simple to operate
They are designed with the aim of improving both the interior and exterior of the home of yours
They’re constructed with many of the specific needs of yours in mind
They’re available in a broad range of options, size, including colour, and glazing
They’re a very popular choice among many homeowners that want to upgrade older windows in the homes of theirs
Easy-Clean Tracks
Our sliding windows contain tracks that are actually not hard to clean, even with a vacuum cleaner, as well as allow for the window itself to have far better movement.

Anti-Dust, Anti-Draft, Watertight
The high quality framing of all the windows of ours, coupled with many of the professional installation techniques of our experts means that the windows of yours will be completely sealed each and every time. This helps to maintain your house free of dust, drafts, and drinking water.

Ventilation with Security If you are somebody who would like to leave your windows open to allow air that is fresh to enter a space, however, do not wish to compromise security of a location like the front patio of yours, think about investing in a 52mm window.

These windows contain 100mm keyed vent locks, that are intended to allow the window to be left open partially so that the home of yours could still remain safe while, at the same time, allowing air that is fresh to enter it.

Weather Protection
Every single Glass window is actually equipped with full joint sealing, which will make sure that protection against inclement weather will be dealt on a year round schedule. Additionally, the windows of ours also meet the BAL40 Bushfire rating to deal with much more extreme weather conditions.

Excellent Finishing and Detail Concealed reviews and clear sightlines are actually 2 features that allow your glass windows to help blend in with your home’s original style while, at the same time, not infringing on its original functionality.

Fly Security and Screen Fittings They allow for quick removal of safety, security, and insect screens at any time you want to do it.

Tough Components and lifetime Materials The windows of yours are going to be in a position to stay strong for many years to come because of high quality components and materials.


The louvre windows offered are really the most perfect way to put in a sense of elegance to the home of yours. They’re constructed with every one of the greatest and latest materials and technology, and they also allow a greater amount of air flow into your home than other traditional varieties of windows do.

Moreover, additionally, they allow you to easily manage the entire amount of air that moves into a space. These windows are better for spaces which are smaller in size, such as laundry rooms, narrow hallways, and bathrooms.

To be able to run this particular window, just slide the lever on it upward to open it and downward to close it. In order to allow a maximum amount of air flow, open up the slats to a horizontal position, or perhaps to a smaller angle for a lesser amount of air flow in case you really desire.

These’re also windows that you are able to leave open while you are either sleeping or perhaps away from the house of yours, as they do not leave openings large enough for someone to crawl through from the outside.

Allow me to share several of the most important features:

Expertly Manufactured Glass
Glass is actually the best choice to allow the sun to shine into spaces like kitchens and living rooms. This’s since it allows the maximum amount of natural light to enter these areas.

Easy to Clean and Maintain They’re durable and lightweight, meaning that they are able to be cleaned from just one side rather than both sides.

Clean Operation
These windows can glide open and closed easily, meaning only the slightest touch is actually necessary to make use of the lever to operate it.


Melbourne Glazier


Our professional team of professionals is actually trained to install awning windows in a way that will help to boost the look, value, and comfort of the home of yours. Not merely are all of our installers full time professionals.

Awnings are actually windows that are actually hinged at the top of the opening. The bottom of the window itself, meanwhile, swings outwards. To run this type of window, all you’ve to do is actually wind the handle to open it almost as you would like, then reverse it to close it back.

These windows are actually made to be opened at a fixed degree, making them perfect to be opened while it’s raining outdoors, as the water will simply run off of them and not get indoors.

These windows are actually made to be opened at a fixed degree, making them perfect to be opened while it’s raining outdoors, as the water will simply run off of them and not get indoors.

You are able to also combine different sizes of these windows together to be able to make a unique look and feel for the property of yours, along with being perfect for homes which have smaller kids since there are actually no sharp edges on them, nor are they big enough for them to get through and fall out of.

Awnings are options that are excellent choices for spaces in which other objects and furniture help to avoid total and complete access to the window itself. Additionally, they also provide a terrific level of ventilation.

Allow me to share several of it is great features:

Enhanced Safety
These windows include a fixed chain, which is actually intended to restrict exactly how much it actually opens. This helps to prevent accidents of all sorts form taking place, particularly in homes where elderly individuals and little kids reside.

Air Flow
This window’s top hinged design allows for the choice of continued ventilation, even if it’s raining lightly outdoors.

Difficult Components
All of our awning windows are actually fitted with just the most sturdy components, as well as high quality locks and moving parts, all of which will make sure that your windows work properly and remain safe for years to come.

Refined Manufacturing Process
All of our products are created especially to order in our Melbourne based factory because of a manufacturing and production process which has been refined over the far more than ten years.
Raising Standards
After your windows have been set up on the house of yours, you are going to be in a position to rest easy knowing you have received probably the best products and services that meet even the most stringent of Australian Standards.

Regardless of what the personal style of yours may be, We has a number of colour choices that you are able to make the most of, which will help blend in with the current decor and colour scheme of the home of yours. There’s an assortment of glass glazing options as well.

These include low E glass, which may help to lower costs on your heating and cooling bills, as well as obscured glass, which may provide you with a great deal more privacy.


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