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Melbourne Glaziers team of specialises in supply and install of glass splashbacks in Melbourne. Our glass splashbacks are best for installation in bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, feature walls, and alfresco areas . We use tempered glass in a thickness of 6mm to make splashbacks. The glass panels are actually customised to suit the unique needs of yours. Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens No one likes a kitchen with stubborn marks and stains on the surfaces. You are able to avoid liquid and oil spillage from sticking on various kitchen surfaces by installing glass splashbacks for kitchens made to measure. While it is impossible for your kitchen to remain totally free of minor spillage and stains, glass splashbacks will prevent stubborn stains and damages on kitchen surfaces. Furthermore, the splashbacks are able to add elegance to any kitchen.

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Advantages of Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Easy to maintain and clean The glass surface area of kitchen splashbacks makes them effortless to clean. There aren’t any crevices or perhaps gaps where mould or bacteria is able to grow. Additionally, you are able to easily wipe off any spillage or perhaps splashes on glass with a damp cloth. You do not need any high end cleaning products or perhaps detergents to cleanse the glass.

Aesthetically pleasing Glass splashbacks look beautiful. Even in case your kitchen has a simple setup, you are able to add glass splashbacks to upgrade its entire look. Additionally, you are able to mix different hues for a more personalized look.

Quality finish You are able to pick from different splashback sizes. Additionally, you are able to have them depending on the preferences of yours. The glass edges are done smoothly such that you will find no rough ends. As a result, there is minimum tear and wear.

Resists heat and scratches Our splashbacks are actually made of toughened glass. They are able to withstand extreme temperatures. Additionally, they resist breakage from impact or perhaps heat.

Several colour options There are actually several colour options to choose from when shopping for glass kitchen splashbacks. Therefore, you are able to look for a colour that is going to match with the remainder of your kitchen decor or perhaps certain elements like the worktops or perhaps cabinets. You are able to also choose from several shades, patterns, and designs.

Easy to install You are able to easily install glass splashbacks in the kitchen, unlike ceramic tiles which are pretty challenging to install.

Extra Benefits
When you are trying out new recipes, you are able to take advantage of the splashback to write down details that are important with a temporary marker pen. You are able to simply wipe off the writings with a damp cloth.


Extra Benefits

When you are trying out new recipes, you are able to take advantage of the splashback to write down details that are important with a temporary marker pen. You are able to simply wipe off the writings with a damp cloth.

Ways to Maintain Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Keep the splashbacks shiny by wiping them off with a lint free cloth after cooking. Ensure the cloth you are using is soft.
Try using a blend of vinegar and water to clean your glass splashback occasionally.
Stay away from using harsh cleaning agents or perhaps chemicals. Additionally, stay away from rubbing the glass with abrasive items.


Bathroom Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks for bathrooms and showers look exceptionally beautiful. They easily bring life to the bathroom space. With Melbourne Glazier, we’ve several of the most innovative glass printing and fabrication techniques. We have developed these techniques over years of experimentation, trials, and skill.

As a result, we are able to create several of the most unique glass splashbacks for other glass products and bathrooms featuring vivid and vivacious effects.

We just use toughened, low iron glass to make the splashbacks. Low iron glass does not have a green tinge that is frequently seen in regular glass. Consequently, you will get a far more accurate colour representation and enhanced colour accuracy.

Our bathroom splashbacks are very useful in any wet area like the laundry room or perhaps bathroom. Above all, glass splashbacks assist in keeping bathroom surfaces mold free, hygienic, and clean.

Glass splashbacks come with numerous benefits. They are low maintenance, modern, hygienic, and easy to clean. Unlike tiling, they do not trap grime and mould.

A glass splashback is able to improve the entire appearance of a bathroom by giving it warmth and personality. It is a good choice for replacing outdated or damaged tiles without doing a complete remodel of the bathroom.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks

We offer a number of coloured splashbacks like metallic colours or solid colours that will add sparkle and depth extra to the toughened glass.Also, you are able to choose neutral colours as whites or perhaps light greys. On the other hand, bright vibrant colours are actually perfect for a more dramatic look. If you would like probably the brightest effect, you are able to choose ultra white.

Our experienced team of glaziers will offer you professional advice about the very best colour options based on your styling, lighting, cabinetry, and benchtops.

Mirror Splashbacks
Among the best ways of opening up the kitchen area is actually by adding mirror splashbacks. They are stylish.We and sophisticated use toughened safety glass to make mirror splashbacks. At Melbourne Glazier, we offer mirror splashbacks in different finishes including ultra grey, bronze, grey smoke, grey ash, and silver.


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Why Choose Melbourne Glazier's team for Glass Splashbacks Fast turnaround time.

Free measure and quote.
Warranty on glass splashbacks.
We just offer toughened glass splashbacks.
Easy to clean and maintain.
Splashbacks will be fabricated and installed professionally by our qualified glaziers.
Choose custom colours to match your current decor.
We offer free quotes after taking measurements.
We paint the splashbacks in our Melbourne factory. We just use top quality paint and technologically advanced spray booths.
You are able to choose an additional, optional coating for your splashback to repel dirt and grease and reduce cleaning time.
With Melbourne Glazier’s, you are able to rely on us for delivering a friendly, dependable, and prompt service. We only offer top quality products providing you with probably the best value of the cash of yours. Besides, we will offer you professional onsite advice about the most effective choices for the needs of yours.


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