Custom Mirrors Melbourne

Melbourne Glazier’s team offers custom made mirrors in Melbourne and the suburbs of its at rates that are affordable.Types of Mirrors offered by Melbourne Glazier’s team
Bathroom Mirrors
There are styles and forms many of mirrors available although the current trending designs are actually one with a perfect clean look that offers both fashion and function. Frameless bathroom mirrors can be spread across the wall from the floor to the ceiling and this might result in an amazing and remarkable change to any bathroom. The addition of’ custom designed mirrors will transform the bathroom of yours while at the same time increasing its ambience and style. We in addition have a range of backlit LED mirrors.

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Frameless Mirrors MELBOURNE

Frameless mirrors top the current trends in interior designs where a trendy modern seamless look is actually required. The primary advantage of a frameless mirror is actually a neat look and also gives an easy to clean mirror which is also low in maintenance. The lack of framing increases the illusion of space, which is actually among the primary benefits of fixing mirrors in any commercial premises or perhaps home.



Large Wall Mirrors For Studios / Foyers / Gym Probably The largest mirror sheet sizes offered in the Australian market are actually stocked in the warehouse of ours so huge mirrors for dance studios, gyms or foyers can be produced. We also boast of having a history of fixing mirrors in exclusive properties like homes, hotels, apartments, bars, and restaurants . Our unmatched expertise in all of areas of glazing guarantees no mirror job is actually a huddle for our highly experienced staff. Visit our wall mirrors page for more info.

Round Mirrors
We’ve round mirrors in an assortment of sizes and styles ranging from plain simple ones to contemporary, elegant and classy ones. If you’ve a particular custom designed round mirror in mind, please feel free to get in touch with our team today. We will be pleased to help.

Venetian Mirrors
The Venetian mirror gives quite a royal and elegant look to the home of yours. It originally comes from 14th century Venice as well as has a distinctive appearance.

Steel Framed Mirrors
Melbourne Glazier’s team is able to supply and install steel framed mirrors that are actually custom designed based on the specific needs of yours. We are able to create them in various shapes including round, square, rectangle etc.


Custom Mirrors MELBOURNE

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Melbourne Glazier’s team manufactures mirrors for a broad range of applications both for residential and commercial purposes. We specialise in creating custom mirrors for the clients of ours. Our team of experts have more than twenty five years’ experience in providing high quality Australian made mirrors. The unique designs we create are only limited by the creativity of yours. We create contemporary mirrors of all shapes and sizes including square, round, oval, rectangular in tinted varieties as well as plain silver mirrors. We in addition have a premium choice of vanity mirrors.

Features of Glass Mirrors Types of Mirrors offered by Melbourne Glazier’s team.

Melbourne Glazier

Features Of Class Mirrors

Thickness – 4mm, 6mm
Colour – silver/gray tinted/bronze/black

We supply & install mirrors all over Melbourne
Edgework – Polished / Bevelled
Installation – Home, Studios, Hotels, Office, Restaurants, Shops, Gyms
Mirrors cut to size


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