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We specialise in high quality custom made doors to meet the unique needs of yours. We offer a wide range of door options and our prices are actually affordable. The staff of ours is able to supply, deliver and install these doors in Melbourne to suit the budget of yours. No project too big or perhaps too small! Hinged or french doors have gained much more popularity with homeowners within the last several years. Often referred to as hinged doors or perhaps swing doors, they are able to be used to add elegance to any home. They’re available in double leaf options and leaf. The doors of ours are able to make your home seem to be larger without extending or perhaps renovating the space of yours. This exceptional door also can lend an air of class to the outdoor and indoor areas of the residence of yours. Hinged doors are intended to open wide to allow simple passage from the outdoors into the house of yours. This’s the main reason why they’re the perfect choice for areas like the patio, garden, and backyard. They’re also appropriate for large balcony areas. They could be configured to swing either outwards or perhaps inwards. The desired look and space requirements are actually the 2 common factors that determine the door’s direction. Inwards-swinging doors are actually appropriate for homeowners that wish to give a resort vibe to a room with an adjoining balcony. Outwards swinging doors are probably the best choices for outdoor terraces. We’ve given hinged doors a modern twist. Our products have a sleek contemporary look. They are available in 8 different attractive colors that will compliment your home’s exterior and interior. Each set of doors will be made to your home’s exact measurements, and they could be installed in any doorway area or perhaps wall. Make probably the Most Out of Your Living Area You are able to go with the traditional single leaf or even the double leaf. You’ll have the option of having the door to swing inwards or perhaps outwards. The experienced team of ours is going to be much more than happy to answer the questions of yours. They’ll also be in a position to enable you to select the configuration that maximize and enhance the space of yours.

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Easy to Clean and Maintain Our doors are actually easy to clean and maintain. There’ll be no need for re-painting or re-lacquering. They’re supposed to look fresh and new for a long time.

Professionally Crafted
Our doors are actually manufactured at our Melbourne factory. They’re constructed with high quality Australian made construction materials, and are actually installed in the home of yours by seasoned professionals.

Superior Strength and Durability with Lower Maintenance Requirements

Hinged doors offer a lot of big advantages that can’t be found in other construction materials like other wood materials and timer.

They provide sound structural stability, durability, and lower maintenance requirements. Additionally they has a BAL40 Bushfire rating if you’ve some concerns about fire safety in the home of yours.



Our Stacker Doors are truly the best ways to open up brand new possibilities in the whole house of yours. The design of these doors is actually space efficient, which means that multiple panels can be stacked up using tracks based on your overall configuration preferences. As a result, more space, extra amounts of light, and much better access will be provided.

Making use of these doors, you are able to reveal brand new thoroughfares to all of the outdoor areas of yours, which will be great during summertime in the day and evening hours. Conversely, every time it is cooler outside, you are going to be in a position to come up with probably the most of areas like your garden and courtyard from inside the home of yours.

Our doors constantly provide a maximum amount of natural light while and views, at the same time, maximizing great ratings in terms of both water and wind, all on a year round schedule.

Over the past twenty five years, we’ve established itself as a leading door and window manufacturer. Furthermore, all of the products of ours also has a supply only service in the event that a buyer wishes to work with another builder to have a product installed.

Our Doors are actually Australian Made All our doors are completely made-to-measure and handcrafted to be able to properly fit the home of yours. Moreover, they combine high quality Australian made components with advanced engineering techniques.

After the building process is actually completed, our professional team of professionals work to securely fit the door in the home of yours. The outcome is actually a solution that’s not only truly aesthetically pleasing, but one that operates properly as well.

Enduring Harsh Climates
We decide to use aluminium because this particular material is actually one which has long been known to not only be durable and strong, but also lasts for quite a long time and also allows for a great level of structural stability. Additionally, it is able to withstand a number of different kinds of inclement weather conditions.



Your house speaks volumes about who you’re. Make the home of yours an inviting oasis by transforming your unused wall space and making it a stunning entranceway in your house.

This’s ideal for individuals who love to entertain frequently. Melbourne Glazier’s can maximize the complete width of your door opening, making your home larger and brighter all without the cost and stress of major renovations.

Many door designs have fixed panels which can block stop the flow between your outdoor and indoor areas. Our bifold doors stack the panels one on top of the other hand, completely from the way, opening fully.

Our doors are actually able to be configured the way you like. You are able to choose single or double side stacking and determine whether you’d like two, three or perhaps four panels. We are going to make the door of yours to measure and we provide professionally accredited installation. We perform all over the Melbourne area to provide free quotes as each installation will vary in requirements.

They’re quite commonly known as concertina, accordion or perhaps folding doors. All of this terminology is actually correct, which means you are able to choose what you would like to call them.

Transform The Home of yours
We’ll totally transform the home of yours and living space. The use of high quality materials and precise mechanisms you are going to give the home of yours a renewed life and open up your home to a luxury lifestyle.

Perfect Design
Hinged fixings are going to create a thoroughly clean profile as a result of the absence of visible screws. Go for silver or black locks, hinges and handles. All this can show your work and character with the decor of the property of yours.

Ease of Cleaning The architecture used for our doors includes an outdoor tracking system, making cleaning quick and easy.

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Sliding doors are a versatile and functional option for the contemporary lifestyle. Aluminium is actually a low maintenance and material that is durable, making it a great material for manufacturing doors. Our doors are available in various colours, sizes, and styles.
Internal Sliding Doors
There are lots of glazing options that satisfy basic ratings, including double glazing options for enhanced sound protection and thermal performance.

Double-glazed sliding doors are actually a good solution for insulation and energy saving, especially during winter.

You are able to also get security doors and screens in various configurations and styles.
Bi-fold and Sliding Patio Doors We supply sliding doors for all styles of residential properties. Our doors are an amazing choice among most residents. Consequently, we are sure you will not regret choosing Melbourne Glazier.

We source the products of ours from the most trusted and reliable Australian suppliers. Consequently, the doors of ours will certainly boost the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the beloved house of yours.

A bi fold patio door will be probably the best addition to the home of yours. It is able to give the house of yours a far more open feeling and reduce the boundary that exists between the outdoors and indoors.

Bi-fold doors are going to provide the inside with a great, fresh breeze especially during warmer months. Furthermore, the door is going to allow for more space to keep guests entertained.
Sliding Doors for the patio of yours If you would like a far more unique style for your patio, then go for sliding doors which are especially designed for patios. We are able to also make customized patio doors based on the preferences of yours. Additionally, you will be guaranteed of enhanced security in the home of yours when you choose the doors of ours.

Installing sliding doors in the patio of yours will even allow for a less enclosed boundary between the outdoors of yours and indoors. We stocks a wide selection of patio doors. Therefore, you will quickly find an option which is going to suit your finances and needs.

Sizes that are Available – Standard Sliding Door Size These doors are available in various configurations and sizes. Standard sizes range from as high as 2100 with a breadth of 1500 to 6500. Our showroom has a great choice of standard size aluminium doors.


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Custom Doors Melbourne

Melbourne Glazier’s also offers custom sized sliding doors. Therefore, you are able to always get non standard door sizes from us according to the needs of yours. All that you have to do is actually contact the professional customer service of ours and get a quote without any charges.
vailable Sliding Door Colours They are available in colors that are several. Standard colors include surfmist, jasper, woodland grey, dune, monument, black, paperbark, pearl white, primrose, dune, and ultra-gloss silver . You are able to also get some other colors on request.

You are able to trust us to provide only the best sliding doors. These doors are incredibly durable and versatile, making them probably the best choice for modern households. Their sliding design makes them ideal to make the living area more open without consuming a wide range of space like hinged doors.

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