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24/7 Emergency Glass Repair

We offer 24/7 emergency glass repair in melbourne. With a glass replacement service for your shower screen & door specifications.

Expert Glaziers Melbourne Glass Team

Qualifed and highly skilled Glaziers Melbourne team of installers to reestablish your security and your peace of mind.

Fast, Friendly & Affordable

Quick reply for all Melbourne shower screen & door installations, repair & replacements.

The Leaders in Glazier Glass Repairs and Installations

We are here to help 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week!

Melbourne Glazier guarantees a reliable and fast service to all Melbourne and outer Melbourne suburbs, 24/7.
With more than ten years’ experience, Melbourne Glazier ensures your glass replacement will be finished in
probably the fastest possible time to minimise some inconvenience.


Melbourne Glazier

Melbourne Glazier offers a Reliable and fast emergency glass replacement service. Many broken glass situations are forced to be replaced quickly as they present a danger or security risk. Our 24hour emergency glass service is made to resolve these situations. Our fleet vehicles are designed to carry an array of glass, that are equipped with the needed tools and equipment to replace your glass immediately. We’ve fully qualified glaziers’ on call’ who’re police checked and will respond promptly to repair your broken glass window, sidelight or door – at any time of the day or perhaps night.

24 Hour Melbourne Glass Emergency

Insurance Procedure

Due to the long standing relationship of ours with insurance companies the insurance claim of yours will be processed with the minimum of fuss. Here is how simple it is:


Glaziers Melbourne - Custom Windows

Window & Glass Replacement Domestic Emergency Glass

Window and Glass replacement can be needed in situations that are many including replacement of broken or perhaps scratched glass, changing the style of glass or perhaps even upgrading to safety glass or perhaps energy efficient glass. Melbourne Glazier offers a reliable and fast window & glass replacement service throughout Adelaide for the home of yours.

Many window replacements are actually required quickly since they present a danger or perhaps security risk, therefore our emergency glass service is actually needed to resolve these situations.


Some other than replacing broken glass, there are reasons that are lots of why you will think about replacing the window of yours or perhaps door glass such as safety concerns, security or perhaps in order to enhance your home’s energy efficiency.

Many homes have old glass which does not comply with the current Australian standards. Replacing low level glass panels and glass doors with safety glass will bring the home of yours in line with the building code and protect the family of yours, particularly in case you’ve kids that are younger .

Burglar Resistant Glass acts as safety glass, but has a tougher inner layer that prevents access to the home of yours by intruders who attempt to increase access to the property of yours by using bricks, sledge hammers or perhaps axes to break the glass.

Energy Efficient Glass is a must in the replacement and glass technology of the windows of yours with this amazing innovation will become an investment that will enhance the lifestyle of yours and save you money! CLICK HERE to learn more about how energy efficient glass is able to work for you!

Melbourne Glazier offers a FREE Measure & Quote service and also the choice of NO INTEREST EVER! Payment terms.


Shop Fronts Melbourne

Call Melbourne’s family owned glazing company, Melbourne Glazier, 24hours/7days a week to replace your damaged shop window promptly enabling the business of yours to continue with little interruption.

We are able to also arrange the application of tinted film and anti graffiti film to the shop front windows of yours and doors.

Laminated Safety Glass is actually required for Shop Front windows at a minimum thickness of 6.38mm


Glaziers Melbourne - Screen Doors

Design or upgrade your staircase or balcony with our balustrading. systems: Frameless balustrading by Melbourne Glazier

Melbourne Glazier has affiliations with quality tradesmen in the aluminium trade enabling us to custom make and glaze bi fold doors to suit the situation of yours. Call Melbourne Glazier for a no obligation measure and quote by our skilled staff who service the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Internal or perhaps external glazed doors will be repaired by the expert team of ours with the right thickness of glass for privacy and safety. The glass door of yours can be repaired to Australian Standards by our qualified tradesmen or perhaps consider renovating a solid door with some panels of glass to allow Melbourne’s sunshine to brighten the house of yours.

Leadlights can be fixed or perhaps designed for the door of yours or perhaps door surround by our experienced leadlight artisan.

We are able to replace cracked and broken heat proof glass on kitchen ovens and lounge room heaters. Wherever you’re in Melbourne, give us a call and we will offer you a quote – you will notice how cost saving it’s to repair rather than replace the appliance of yours.

A multi form, toughened, laminated glass is actually put into a floor to allow the flow of light into the room below. Illuminate the stairwell of yours from the room above with a glass floor.

We are able to replace glass shelving and mirror or perhaps glass in any furniture piece. Call three 6152 6080 with the measurements of yours and obtain a quote over the telephone. We are able to deliver anywhere in Melbourne or perhaps you might collect the order of yours from the premises of ours at Wingfield or perhaps Albert Park.

  • Book
  • shelves
  • Counter tops
  • Dressing tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Desks
  • Wardrobes
  • Kitchen cupboards

there’s a wide range of mirrors cut to size, large or small, with bevelled or polished edges.We are able to also supply and install new mirror into furniture pieces such as wardrobes or perhaps dressing tables.

Call three 6152 6080 or perhaps go to the offices of ours with your measurements to get a quote. We are able to deliver anywhere in Melbourne or perhaps you might collect the order of yours from the premises of ours at Wingfield and Albert Park.

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Feature Walls
  • Bevelled or perhaps Polished Edges
  • Popular Products & Services

Popular Products & Services

Glass Splashbacks Melbourne

Improve the look of your home and kitchen with a professional glass splash back.

  • Splashbacks.
    splashbacks  choose the colour of yours from any paint colour chart.In most Melbourne homes splashback glass is actually being installed to economically add style and class to a room.

  • Tables / Counter Tops.
    we are able to replace scratched or perhaps broken table glass and rejuvenate your outdoor or indoor furniture. Call three 6152 6080 for a quote and bring the item of yours to either of the premises of ours at Wingfield or perhaps Albert Park. When your item is simply too big, then one of our sixteen vehicles servicing Melbourne will visit to complete the work.

Glass Windows - Glaziers Melbourne

Our glaziers have experience in all forms of glazing: wooden frames or Aluminium, small or large windows, skylights and lead lights.

Throughout greater metropolitan Melbourne, our fleet of sixteen vehicles will ensure a prompt response to your glazing requirements.

we’ve a wide range of glass with thermal properties. Melbourne’s extreme weather conditions during the winter and summer months allow it to be essential to insulate homes. Consider double glazing, laminated glass or perhaps one of the numerous other kinds of thermal glass on the market today, live in comfort and save on energy costs.

We are able to also arrange for your fly screen to be fixed or perhaps tinted film to be applied to glazing.

Commercial Glaziers Melbourne

Working in a number of commercial sectors to provide excellent solutions for businesses.

BOOK an appointment now and explore how the right window selection is able to boost the value, security and safety of the home of yours.

Glass could be a lethal product therefore all Melbourne Glazier installations comply with the requirements of Australian Standard AS1288/2006. This particular standard is constantly updated and requires that glaziers are continuously upskilled and maintain a fundamental understanding of the building code.

At Melbourne Glazier we pride ourselves on safety and see it as our top priority for both the staff members of ours and you. Our CM3 accreditation is actually testament to the commitment of ours to safety.

All brand new glass installations must comply with the demands of the Australian Standard AS1288/2006. In most situations the glass being replaced must be upgraded to safety glass regardless of the first glass type. Our glaziers know the dangers of compliance and glass with this strict building code is actually at the forefront of their mind when carrying out any glass installation to guarantee you’re getting the right glass each time.

Insurance Service

Domestic Emergency Glass Melbourne Glazier provides a complete Insurance service for your broken glass replacement. Melbourne Glazier has more than ten years’ experience and is actually acknowledged as one of the industry leaders in glass replacement services which enable it to lodge claims to all the major insurance companies.

As glass replacement is actually among the most common types of insurance claims, it gets to be a really important part of the insurance policy of yours for the home of yours.

Insurance Claims Melbourne

We handle insurance claims for clients insured by all of the big insurance companies.

*In most instances. Some Insurance companies choose to reimburse the insured. Within this instance you are going to need to spend the amount in total to Melbourne Glazier and the insurance company of yours will reimburse you direct. Your Melbourne Glazier is going to let you know whether the insurance company of yours will accept direct billing or perhaps in case you have to seek reimbursement from the insurer of yours.


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